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Yes....it's OUT NOW...I've written an EP consistingly of 4 french songs...


...come and get it...



RIGHT HERE: FREE DOWNLOAD of the Concert @ Martinskirche, Köllerbach 2019. Enjoy

Just check upon the VIDEO section: There's a NEW VIDEO for the Track REVELATION from the "Reason, sinking & remain"

created by unique Editor / DIrector Dana Tahamouqua and well produced by famous Scotsman David Lawrence.


You can still order a copy of "REASON, SINKING & REMAIN" here:


AMAZON       or       JPC

There's two more Interviews appeared on the Internet / Radio:


 An Interview by the legendary radiostation SR2 Kulturradio you'll find HERE (Interview SR2)


 A further Interview with Blogger Nick from nick-media.de you'll find HERE (Interview Nick)

There's an article recently appeared in the local Newspaper Saarbrücker Zeitung



Interview @ SofaSounds.blog



NEW ALBUM coming out September 14, 2018! Available on Amazon, Spotify, ITunes etc...


Plus let's speak out a toast to the wonderful designer

of the fantastic cover-artwork Es.Ka Artworks


JOIN the RELEASE PARTY on Sep 13th at Wally's Irish Pub, Saarbrücken.



PLUS watch out for NEW LIVEDATES at

the Live Section. See ya!

Good news: I just joined the Finals at the Wallys Songwriter Battle...

Caught 2nd place. Thank you and keep listening!